Dot Hubbard

Dot & Award

Born in New Jersey, Dot says, “she got to Sanford as soon as she could.”  A graduate of Woman’s College (now University of NC at Greensboro), she married Sanford native, Edwin Hubbard, and raised two children, Michael & Margaret.

Always interested in art, Dot took classes at CCCC (Central Carolina Community College) over the years and these days can be found most Tuesday mornings in John Wicker’s watercolor class working on various projects.  Fascinated with the grace and simplicity of Oriental Brush art, she studied this technique with Fran Heffley, an accomplished local artist.  Dot’s artwork has won top awards at several of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club’s (SBPC) Annual Art Shows as well as the Silver Arts of Lee County.

The basement of the old high school (now the Lee County Arts & Community Center) once housed some kilns and a group of clay artists (including Dot) led by Catherine Westbrook.  When the studio closed, a determined Dot traveled to Southern Pines to study pottery with Cliff Stuckey, an instructor at the Sandhills Community College.  She also took courses with Richard Danek, a noted instructor at CCCC in Siler City.  Today, Dot has her own modest studio, “Dot’s Pots”, where she loves to work with various clays and glazes.  “You never know if you’ll get a surprise or a shock (when a piece comes out of the kiln)”, says Dot.  Her pottery has won top honors at the Lee County Regional Fair and the SBPC Annual Art Shows.

Dot enjoys learning and using specific techniques to create a style uniquely her own. Both her pottery and artwork have found homes in private collections across the state.