Art Journaling Basics and Beyond – March 25, 2023


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Art Journaling Basics and Beyond

Workshop Fee: $100 members / $105 non-members

March 25, 2023 from 10AM-1PM (please bring your lunch or a snack)

Instructor: Ophelia Staton

Imagine a place where it is completely safe to create and play where there is no such thing as a mistake. I have found such a place, and it is my Art Journal. An art journal allows our words and color to collide. Where we can freely document our day. I invite you to come along with me and spend time exploring and experimenting in an art journal. The safe space of an art journal allows the freedom to create and experiment with abandon. During this three-hour workshop, we will explore techniques and materials to jumpstart your creativity and allow you to let go and play and build a list of prompts to make art journaling a part of your day.

This is a process oriented workshop where you will be encouraged to try many different techniques and begin several journal page spreads. All skill levels welcome.

Materials List

  • Journal / Sketchbook: find a journal that feels comfortable in your hand where you can carry it with you. A mixed media sketchbook is perfect to handle all of the media we will try.
  • Your favorite brushes – a variety for different media applications – gesso, matte medium, acrylic and watercolor painting. Ophelia uses the Polar Flo (clear handle) in 3/4″ or 1″ as it is great for all media.
  • Pen / Pencil for notetaking.
  • Container for water, palette, smock, rags.

Ophelia will bring all other materials for our creative play to include: ephemera and fodder, gesso, matte medium, Lukas Cryl Studio Acrylic Paints, watercolors, markers, acrylic inks.

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