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Submitted Questions and Answers (prior to 11/10)

What does the role of the Director(s) At-Large entail?

The Board of Directors is made up of four named officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer), and all additional directors are called directors at-large. These non-officer board members may lead or serve on committees, may represent local business or industry leaders, may provide specific functions such as marketing or fundraising leadership, but in general are part of the overall leadership team of the organization known as the Board of Directors.

Are there accommodations for the proposed Attendance Policy? Meeting Frequency? Remote attendance option?

The SBPC averages one general membership meeting per month at the Mann Center of NC. There are exceptions – namely October when ARTSTOBER is in-progress we do not hold a meeting, and there are also spring and winter socials which take the place of a formal meeting (although some business topics may also be discussed at the social). We offered ZOOM meeting remote attendance during COVID and the Board is hearing feedback that we might want to offer that option again. We will be offering a ZOOM conference option for the November 16 Annual Meeting to test it out, and if the response is positive we can continue this for future meetings.