Reggie Carde

Reggie & Cake

Reggie Carde says “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, sketching or painting.”  For the last few years, he has been painting with acrylics since it lends itself so well to layering, glazing, modeling and dry brush techniques.  Another passion is pen and ink drawings. Using this medium, he draws old houses and rural byway scenes. Recently he has incorporated watercolors into his pen and ink drawings.

A graduate of Salemburg Junior College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, Carde continued his education and received a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Art from Methodist College and Masters of Fine Arts from UNC Greensboro. 

German expressionism, folk art and landscape painters are key influencers in his paintings.  He strives for a balance between realism and abstract images with emphasis on bright colors, bold lines and positive and negative spaces.

His murals appear in the children’s section of the Broadway Library and Books at a Steal.  Reggie lives in Lemon Springs with his wife, Susan, and pets, Charlie and Hailey.