2018 Annual Art Show

The Sanford Brush & Palette Club’s  54th Annual Art Show was held October 20th to 27th at the Bob E. Hales Center, 147 McIver Street in Sanford.   This year’s show featured 487 pieces of art work by 66 artists in 17 different categories in the Competition Gallery (plus 568 art pieces in the Sales Gallery). 

The artwork was judged by the team of Angela Lombardi Zappala and Kelly Sheppard Murray, both exhibiting artists at Artspace in Raleigh.  While maintaining a thriving art practice, Murray teaches 2D & 3D design, painting, sculpture and art appreciation at Wake Technical Community College and Lombardi is the Coordinator of Teen, College and Studio Programs at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  They had a fabulous time judging the SBPC Art Show and very much enjoyed the wide variety of styles and media.

The SBPC thanks all of the artists who entered the show and congratulates those who received recognition.  To our members, patrons and sponsors who contributed funds, food, beverages, flowers, candy, coupons, door prizes, publicity, printing and so much more to the success of our Annual Art Show, we thank you for your generous spirit and continuing support.  We could not have done it without you! ♥

Congratulations to the 54th Annual Art Show Award Winners

Eggs, Grapes & Rolls by Doug Rowe (72dpi) adj

Best in Show​

“Eggs, Grape​s & Rolls” by Doug Rowe

Best in Show:

First Merit:

Second Merit:

 Donald Stacy:

Best Frame:

Mayor’s Choice:

Preserving Our Traditions:

John Wicker Watercolor:

Viewer’s Choice:

Peer Choice:

“Eggs, Grapes & Rolls” – Doug Rowe

“Luna” – Patricia Fein

“Joy” – Beth Bale

“Reading News to Plants” – J. Brower

“Aglow” – Carolyn Rotter

“Breakthrough” – Gael Hogan

“Collage Bowl” — Gael Hogan

“Cooler Days” — Beth Bale

“Lost & Found”— Gael Hogan

“Lost & Found”— Gael Hogan

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to download a full list of our 54th Annual Art Show Award Winners, Patrons and Sponsors.  

Highlights of the 2018 Art Show

Members and guests settle in for the Awards Ceremony
“You Spin Me Round” by Cindy McAuley
Chris Dalton, Liz Whitmore and Gael Hogan – Liz presents a special “Arts Innovator” Award on behalf of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club for her creativity and contributions to our community

“B-R-C 29” by Chris Dalton

Edna Perkinson receives Genre First Place ribbon for “Paddling to the Bridge” from Gael Hogan
“Paddling to the Bridge” by Edna Perkinson – Genre First Place Award
Gael Hogan presents the Miniatures First Place Award to Jake Brower for “Jinze”
“Jinze” by Jake Brower – Miniatures First Place Award
Gael Hogan wins the Preserving Our Traditions Award sponsored by the Lee County Arts Council
“Collage Bowl” by Gael Hogan – Preserving Our Traditions Award presented by the Lee County Arts Council
Carolyn Rotter receives Landscape First Place Award for “Frozen Assets” from Gael Hogan
“Frozen Assets” by Carolyn Rotter – Landscape First Place Award
Gael Hogan presents Beth Bale the 2nd Merit Award for “Joy”
“Joy” by Beth Bale – Second Merit Award
Gael Hogan presents Doug Rowe the Best in Show ribbon for “Eggs, Grapes & Rolls”
“Small White Blossoms” by Doug Rowe – Floral First Place Award
Yvonne George Demo in Pastels
“Abraham” by Carolyn Chipman – Genre Honorable Mention
Reggie Carde Demo with Acrylic Paints
“Tid Bit” by Reggie Carde
Gael Hogan and Everett Cox Demo with Alcohol Inks
“Lost and Found” by Gael Hogan – Viewers’ Choice & Peer Choice Awards
Mickey Pace and Helpers with a Clay Art Demo
“Mother Nature II” by Mickey Pace – Clay Art Honorable Mention
Doug Rowe on Color Mixing Demo in Oils
“Wild Persimmons” by Maria Rowe
Pat Mace & Pat Fein welcome visitors with friendly smiles
“The Old West” by Barbara Berman – Landscape Honorable Mention
The Red Hat Club tours the show
2018 Limited Edition Art Angel Ornament. Proceeds benefit the “Art Angels for Budding Artists” program.

Many thanks to our co-sponsor, the Lee County Parks & Recreation Department.


This project is supported by a grant from the Lee County Arts Council through the Grassroots Arts Program of the North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Lee County Arts Council

Title background artwork is “Midtown Showers” by Carolyn Rotter